The Amphitheatre Is A Central And Important Space In Any School.

Ampitheatre a pleasant place to watch the students perform and grow, to celebrate their accomplishments.”
Outdoor Amphitheatres are both a functional and performance building all rolled into one Outdoor seating is an integral part of taking learning outside and can be used as a performance area, somewhere to observe nature, outdoor classroom, socialising space or simply somewhere for quiet time.

Children can learn many lessons and skills through performing and the outdoors provides the ideal backdrop to allow them to develop confidence and creativity.
In our efforts to make education multi-dimensional and take education out of the four walls of a classroom, GDIS, provides a large oval amphitheatre, to contribute to outdoor learning. It is used for class and group discussions, communication, drama based learning and various other activities.

The open well designed amphitheatre in Green Dot International School, is a marvel worth witnessing.

The sheer size of the amphitheatre and the ambience around it draws students to it. Well equipped with theatre lights and sounds, the amphitheatre is a platform for students to showcase their talents. The open space theatre is thoughtfully planned to inspire a learning experience for academic and cultural activities. The purpose of the theatre is to make the children confident so that they can overcome stage fear.

Green spaces within and around the school has always been one of our top priorities. The construction of the school has been planned in such a way, from the beginning, so as allow maximum green places around the school. Greenery in and around the school is not only beneficial for the environment but also has a huge positive impact on the students health. It has the power to enhance the quality of life; it has a calming and therapeutic effect on people.