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Music and Dance

Music is the language of optimism. It is a natural source or energy that replenishes not just our psyche, but also the physique. Dance is the refractory rays of light that when pass through the prism of music create a beautiful rainbow of emotions. These emotions help us to relate to our happiness, pain and express what we feel. Thus, music and dance are mediums of expression that tell stories. And who doesn’t like stories?

Music is a form of storytelling that involves creativity, originality and dynamic orchestration. Musical notes are the best sound waves that heal, impart peace, joy and satisfaction. Dance is the art of moving the body to a musical rhythm for the purpose of expressing an idea or emotion or simply taking delight in the movement itself.

In terms of schooling, music and dance provide an opportunity to students to distract themselves for a time from the academics in order to replenish themselves. Practising this makes them emotionally intelligent as they learn to control their ultra-flexible emotional range and channel it in a healthy manner for their own good.

’India's precious heritage of music, drama and dance is one which we must cherish and develop. We must do so not only for our own sake but also as our contribution to the cultural heritage of mankind. Nowhere is it truer than in the field of art that to sustain means to create. Traditions cannot be preserved but can only be created afresh.’

Music and dance have positive impact on all living beings so learning and practising these skills can be a great lifestyle for everyone. At GDIS, more focus is given to sharpen the skills where the students will take it further to greater heights.

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