History Of BasketBall

Over time, basket ball has become a really popular sport all over the world. But have we ever just taken a moment and thought about who invented basketball? Well, this wonderful sport was created by a canadian docter, Jim Naismith in 1891. And since then basket ball is being played in different parts of the world! In this game,two teams consisting five players play against each other.
Each time tries to score a goal by tossing the ball into the opponents goal which is an elevated horizontal hoop and a net which is called a basket. Usually, when it is played outdoors it is played on a rectangular surface called a basket ball yard. These surfaces are made from standard paving materials such as concrete and alsphate. This sport can also be played indoors.Indoor basket ball yards are usually made of polished wood.

Advantages Of Sports

  • It developes critical thinking
  • It is as good as a personal gym and workout area
  • It strengthens the bond between team- members
  • It has plenty of room for other activities as well.

Things to know about Basket Ball

It is advised that a competitive sport like basketball must be played only at basket ball courts or places specially designed for sports. It may be dangerous to play basketball at other places apart from the desired places as it can cause injuries. Safety must be maintained at all costs, and that is why at GDIS, utmost security is given while playing the sport.