Sheela (Shruthika Parent)

I am really happy with the progress my child is making at this school, she has loads of confidence and is always happy to come to school, we are satisfied with the school and staff "Thanks all"

Apsara & Yogesh

I am very very happy with the learning that Saachi has acquired. Also the happiness with which she goes and comes back from school matters a lot to me. Simply love the Montessori Method. Also the enthusiasm of the teachers shows up in the kids as well. Well done! Please continue the awesome work.

Neil and Paris’ Mom

Neil and Paris’ Mom -- I really enjoyed watching him do his work sincerely. Such a fun way to learn! I am so glad to have come and seen the classroom and activities they do. Thank you so much for organizing this show and tell.

Sudeshna ( Alisha Chartterjee’s mom)

We were initially a little anxious as she was moved into a new classroom with new friend circle and new teachers but after meeting her teachers we are happy. She is independent and has now started showing a lot of interest in colours, writing, rhymes and over all excited to go to school and learn new stuff.

Kishore (Manavitha parent )

Teachers are good in their communication skills, overall they are friendly with kids. This helps the kids to be bold and approachable. So we expect them to be the same.