Curriculum - Lifeskills

In a constantly changing environment, life skills are an essential part to meet the challenges of everyday life. To cope with the increasing pace, students need new skills such as the ability to deal with modern day demands.

Personal Hygiene :

Starting from Preschool, Personal hygiene awareness is emphasised at Green Dot. Personal hygiene may be described as the principal of maintaining cleanliness and grooming of external body. Children are taught to internalise good habits early in life. Only through early instructions and reinforcement, can children experience the importance of learning transformation which is necessary to master the skills taught in the classroom. Increased risks of getting an infection or illness , social and psychological aspects are discussed to teach the importance of personal hygiene.

Team work :

An other life skill that is taught is to set boundaries so that formal schooling can be instilled through practice, assignments and working as a team.

In todays’ world team work skills are employability skills says Dr. Kagan. Children are taught to work as a team so that they develop the agility and adapt to different roles and flexible environments. Group assignments and Hands on activity in the class room form a vital part of teaching at Green Dot.

Digital Boards :

In an uncertain world, there is one thing that is for certain; everything is continually changing. In the modern age of rapid technology growth, we see a world connected than ever before. To keep the children connected to the world outside and beyond, at Green Dot, digital boards and the computer labs pitch in. The computer lab with internet facility under the supervision of teachers prepares them for world outside school.

Library :

The School library is central to learning and plays a key role as a place of encouraging innovation, curiosity and problem solving. School libraries make a difference to students' understanding and achievement and provide learning throughout the school. Group discussions, debates and preparation for school projects are common sights in the library. The extensive use of the school library teaches our children to take the lead and work as a team.

Field trips :

Recognising the learning outcomes from field trips ranging from cognitive to affective, at Green Dot, field trips form an important event in the school calendar. Children are exposed to new experiences that can increase their interest and engagement. Students are taken to grade appropriate places which provides opportunity for students to be cognitively engaged and challenged as they explore areas of personal interest and curiosity and engage in bidirectional communication with each other and adult facilitators.

Competitions and External Examinations :

Green Dot encourages healthy competition and prepares students to face the real world. Interclass competitions are arranged by the school on a monthly basis .
Students are exposed to competitive OLYMPIAD Examinations, & Spell Bee.